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Rani Jarkas

Rani Jarkas is stationed in Hong Kong in 2024 and fluent in English, Arabic and conversational French and is a Certified Financial services executive. He holds B.A.s in Finance and Accounting from Georgia State University. He is also known to have a global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, a competitive nature and a history of success. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Rani Jarkas was the number one squash player and among the top-ten players in the U.S. for six consecutive years.

We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

We have been trusted financial advisors to the world foremost organizations, and we continue to uphold the principles set by our founders and CEOs, the successful entrepreneur : Michael – Gutenberg – Jarkas – David.

Portfolio Management

Building and monitoring clusters of assets such as stocks, bonds, and Cypto Currency that meet the long-term financial goals and risk tolerance of an investor.

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Risk Management

 Identifying, assessing and controlling financial, legal, strategic and security risks to the investors

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Income Collection

The efficient management of the collection of interest and distributions from securities, funds, insurance and other financial vehicles.

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Who We Are

Teams of Seasoned Certificated Financial Advisors

A Team of experienced financial advisors from around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and Australia who had been worked for leading financial institutions in the worlds since 2010.

Get Upto 5% discounts on basic assets management counselling.

Join over 100+ companies and individual using our unique investment analysis approach to a sustainable assets mangement strategy.

Our Services

We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

We have been trusted advisors to the world’s foremost organizations since 2010, and we continue to uphold the principles set by our founder and CEO.

Investment Opportunity

Global Investment Opportunity identification and Industry Filtering , Global Cash Flow

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Investment New Trends

Investment Opportunities in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, AI, Blockchain and Green Tech Investments.

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Assets Allocation

Mutual Funds, Insurance, Equity, Debenture, Derivatives , Cypto Currency and more

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Income Collection

Dividend Collection, Interests Collection, Taxation Advice

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Risk Management

Standard Deviation , R-Squre, Alpha , Beta and Sharp Ratio analysis

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Mutual Funds

Major Fund House including Fidelity , J.P. Morgan, BlackRock in Hong Kong and around the world

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Awesome Teams

Meet our professional team with undergraduate to postgraduate academic background in HK , United State and around the world.

Martin Franci

Managing Director

BSc Accounting

Kierra Philips

Senior Financial Advisor

MSc Computer Science

Ahmad Levin

Marketing Director

MBA , MSc Finance

Makenna Geidt

Senior Analyst

BSc in Computer Science

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Effective communication and collaboration within the team can help harness these qualities and drive the team towards its goals.

  • Understanding Global Investing: Benefits and Risks

    Understanding Global Investing: Benefits and Risks

    Rani Jarkas: Benefits And Risks Of International Investing As players in the global growth narrative, foreign investing has become increasingly important to our portfolios. A portfolio’s returns can be increased and diversification offered by holding international stocks. However, global investing has benefits as well as drawbacks. We shall talk about a few notable ones in…

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  • Understanding Risk Diversification in Finance

    Understanding Risk Diversification in Finance

    What Does Risk Diversification Mean? By Rani Jakars. Investing in a variety of companies and industries within a single portfolio is known as risk diversification. This implies that losses will be offset by other portfolio sectors, even in the event that certain assets perform poorly. Investors can ensure they are not putting all of their…

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  • Getting Started with Renewable Energy

    Getting Started with Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy Can Be Captured Actively or Passively The main renewable energy sources are the sun, wind, and Earth. These energy sources naturally regenerate or replenish themselves. The energy that is shifting in the globe, the wind, and the sunlight is visible to us. Two palpable indicators of the sun’s energy transfer to Earth are…

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