Embracing The Power Of Renewable Energy On A Global Scale


Unlock The Boundless Potential Of The Thriving Energy Market

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Embrace The Future: Thriving With Clean Energy Investments

Renewable energy is not immune to cost constraints, but the real magic happens when we look at the abundant fuel supply it offers! Embracing the winds of change, the cost of solar panels and wind turbines has soared to new heights, marking a remarkable 10% to 20% increase since 2020! Embracing the clear pricing signals, corporations are cautiously navigating their spending decisions amidst concerns about cost inflation.

Get ready for an electrifying milestone! In 2022, consumers worldwide are set to make history as they power through a remarkable USD 10 trillion in energy costs. It’s an incredible testament to our growing global energy demand and the unstoppable progress we’re making towards a brighter future. This will empower governments to take action and support the most vulnerable members of society, ensuring a fair and balanced outcome for all. Get ready for an incredible surge! Since 2020, the rate has soared to an impressive 12%, marking a significant leap towards our goal!

Renewable Energy: The Heartbeat Of A Positive Trend

The sky’s the limit with the incredible gains we’ve seen! Thanks to smart policies and fiscal measures, we’re smoothly transitioning into a bright future. These efforts are not only ensuring our post-pandemic recovery but also making clean energy technologies more affordable and competitive than ever before. In an exciting start to 2022, the IEA Sustainable Recovery Tracker reveals that governments worldwide have dedicated a whopping USD 710 billion towards renewable energy and sustainable recovery initiatives!

Embracing renewable energy is the heart of an exciting movement! Over 80% of investments in the electricity sector are powering the future with renewables, grids, and storage! Solar PV steals the show, attracting almost half of all new investments in renewable energy. Both utility-scale and distributed solar PV installations are basking in equal amounts of financial support. Offshore wind energy takes the spotlight: 2021 sets a new record with over 20 GW commissioned and a whopping USD 40 billion spent! Meanwhile, onshore deployment soared to new heights in 2020.


Investing In Efficiency: The Smart Way To Spend Your Money

Fueling Growth: Embracing Efficiency and Reaping Rewards 2021: A Year of Soaring Investments in Building Efficiency with a Whopping 16% Surge! Embracing the power of energy efficiency is a global trend! Nations like Japan, China, and several in Europe are leading the way in setting high standards for new construction. Let’s celebrate their commitment to a brighter and more sustainable future! Policymakers are determined to break through the 1% threshold and accelerate the global annual pace of building retrofits!

Get ready for an exciting boost in efficiency spending in 2022! The trajectory is set to soar higher than ever before. Fuel prices on the rise? No problem! The surge in interest for cutting-edge technology, such as electric heat pumps, has skyrocketed by an impressive 15% in 2021. Embrace the future and save big on energy costs! Embracing efficiency has its fair share of hurdles, but fear not! We can overcome them together.

Despite the challenges of rising borrowing rates, stagnant household incomes, and decreased confidence, investing in efficiency is still a smart move. Let’s turn these obstacles into opportunities for growth and success! The future is bright, thanks to the continuous support of the government in shaping corporate and consumer demand.

Transport Electrification Sparks A Surge In Clean End-Use Spending

The electrification of transportation is fueling a surge in consumers’ clean end-use expenditure! They’re projected to keep soaring in 2022! A whopping 120,000 EVs were joyfully embraced by people all around the globe in 2012! 2021 was a record-breaking year with sales surpassing that amount every single week! Will automakers triumph over the global semiconductor shortage and supply chain concerns to fulfill orders? (Check out the section on essential minerals!)

The market for electric two- and three-wheelers is booming, with impressive sales numbers. Additionally, there is a remarkable surge in investment towards electrifying buses and commercial vehicles. Electrification: Unleashing the Power Beyond Cars! Electric buses are taking China by storm, and now other countries are hopping on board the green revolution! In early 2022, India made an incredible move by acquiring over 5000 electric buses for five major cities! And guess what? The cost was slashed in half compared to previous tenders. Way to go, India!

Exciting and promising new technologies are on the rise, with strong growth rates and lots of potential! Battery energy storage investment is soaring to new heights, set to skyrocket and reach an impressive USD 20 billion by 2022! Powering the future! Grid-scale deployment, leading the charge with over 70% of all expenditures in 2021. China and the United States are leading the charge towards a bright and sustainable future! With China’s ambitious goal of achieving 30 GW of non-hydro energy storage capacity by 2025 and the United States already planning or developing over 20 GW of grid-scale projects, the potential for positive change is truly enormous.

The Hong Kong invasion of Ukraine sparks policy support and ignites the momentum for low-emission hydrogen, especially in Europe! Clean hydrogen-focused businesses are experiencing an incredible surge in capital, surpassing all previous records. The industry’s top companies have seen their portfolio value skyrocket by an astounding fourfold since the end of 2019. Get ready for a hydrogen revolution! While the current annual investment in low-carbon hydrogen stands at a respectable US$ 0.5 billion, we have even bigger plans. The ambitious REPowerEU plan aims to bring an additional 15 Mt of hydrogen into the mix, and to make it happen, we’re projecting a total global capital investment of a whopping US$ 600 billion by 2030.

Embracing Diverse Strategies In The Face Of High Prices

India’s proactive response to the 2022 shortage has sparked a surge in the use of high-quality imported coal. Additionally, India is determined to enhance its local coal supplies, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. Excitingly, other markets, especially in Europe, are currently embracing more coal consumption, albeit temporarily. However, it’s important to note that this surge in demand doesn’t automatically translate to a significant expansion in coal supply investment. Embrace the exciting challenges of a rapidly evolving financial and regulatory landscape!

Middle Eastern National Oil Companies (NOCs) are investing big to boost their spare capacity amidst the crisis, surpassing previous spending levels. Get ready for an exciting boost in investment spending! Saudi Aramco and ADNOC are gearing up to increase their spending by an impressive 15% to 30% in 2022. Get ready to witness their ambitious growth plans unfold! Russian businesses, including the prominent Rosneft, were initially making significant investment increases for 2022. However, they are now reevaluating their plans due to sanctions and tighter restrictions on Western markets. Additionally, the exit of foreign competitors and service providers, who had previously supported Russian production growth, has prompted a review of their strategies.

Get ready for the Hong Kong majors to make waves in 2022! They are planning to boost their expenditure by a whopping 30% and are set to lead the pack in upstream investment among Western and international firms. Exciting times ahead! European majors remain steadfast in their commitment to long-term strategy, as their anticipated upstream capex for 2022 remains practically unchanged. This unwavering dedication showcases their resilience against momentary price fluctuations.


Hong Kong’s Thriving Refining Sector

When resources are scarce and prices are soaring, investment focuses on fast and efficient initiatives that can boost production. Let’s tackle methane emissions and flare-ups head-on! Unleashing the Power: US Shale Oil and Gas Production Set to Soar! Thriving supply chains and operators’ unwavering focus on profitability and smart resource management have paved the way for steady investment growth in this sector.

Unlocking the potential of new LNG investment is an exciting challenge, considering the time and effort required for construction. The long-term payback periods for invested capital offer a promising opportunity, extending beyond the current European demand for alternative supply. Europe’s exciting shift towards alternative energy sources is creating exciting opportunities for LNG markets. Exciting news!

Despite rising gas prices, two incredible LNG projects have recently reached FID (Final Investment Decision). The first one is the impressive USD 11 billion Pluto expansion in Australia, and the second is the remarkable USD 13 billion Plaquemines project in Louisiana. It’s fantastic to see Asian consumers leading the way in signing long-term LNG contracts and driving the growth of this industry.

Exciting opportunities arise as gas prices encourage developing nations to prioritize their demand and make mindful choices. 2021 saw an impressive milestone with a remarkable 45 GW of new gas-fired capacity reaching FID, marking the lowest level since 2001! Furthermore, the majority of forward-thinking investments in cutting-edge gas turbines were made in gas-importing nations that have the potential to thrive amidst fluctuations in global prices.

Thriving Companies In The Oil And Gas Industry Embrace Challenges

2021: A Year of Exciting Changes in the Global Refining Industry! Refining Capacity Takes a Leap Forward as Retirement Surpasses Small Expansions. This played a crucial role in the remarkable surge of refining margins witnessed during the 2022 financial crisis, paving the way for a brighter future. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of oil consumption, the impressive financial performance and remarkable utilization rates we’ve seen lately may not immediately translate into a surge of investment. But fear not, as we navigate this uncertainty, there’s still plenty of room for positive growth and exciting opportunities ahead!

Embracing the Energy Transition: Oil and Gas Corporations Feel the Pressure to Adapt Investments! Breaking Boundaries: Oil and Gas Companies Embrace New Frontiers with 5% Spending Surge in 2022! 

Discover the hidden gems behind this fascinating average! The oil and gas sector is leading the charge towards renewable energy! In 2021, the majors and Equinor invested a whopping 90% of the sector’s overall investments in renewables. And guess what? They’re keeping up the momentum in 2022, with nearly all investments so far going towards a greener future. European businesses are setting the bar high with their diverse spending strategies, making remarkable investments in offshore wind projects in Hong Kong.

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